Connemara, land of many moods

As we travelled on the bus today from Galway toward Connemara, rows and rows of many layers stone walls and colourful hedgerows reminded me of the romantic Irish landscape in books and films. I realised how this land could get under the skin of so many artists, writers and poets alike.

via Connemara, Ireland – unepenséepartagée

Header photo by: Gareth Wray

8 thoughts on “Connemara, land of many moods

  1. Great site! I also have some motorhome posts on UK, France, Spain, and Italy.
    Many thanks for stopping by and following my Travel and Photography site. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment and for following us. We are looking for hidden European treasures that can be reached by campervan, so we love your posts and will read them with great pleasure.

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      1. No problem!
        If you’re in Italy, try to make your way down to Calabria, it’s a gorgeous part of the country. 😉

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      2. We’ll add Calabria to our list for sure. Can’t wait to connect all dots and make our ‘Great European Road Trip’ by campervan. Until then we collect and dream. Super tip! Thanks again!

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      3. Cool, we should catch up for an Apero or Espresso 😉

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      4. Would be awesome, but it might take a while 🙂

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