Valencia is a bit of everything

When I think about Valencia I remind myself about the delicious food, crazy nightlife, the place where the innovation and creativity had a revelation and the sunny and warm days strolling the beach.

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Campervanfans - Spain - Valencia
Valencia, Spain (Photo: Vakantiedeals)

We’ve enjoyed a short break in Valencia. Like to see some of our photos? Take a peek on this blog post. What’s on your short-break-wish-list for this year? Leave a comment below and inspire us.

5 thoughts on “Valencia is a bit of everything

  1. Valencia is top! Malaga, Cordoba en Grenada staan op mijn lijstje!

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    1. Ha Paulien! Leuk om te lezen dat je je hebt vermaakt in Valencia, ondanks dat het weer misschien een beetje tegen viel. Wij hopen nét zoveel te zien als jij (hopelijk met ietsje beter weer). Wij hebben de andere steden die je noemt al eens bezocht. Doen!


  2. I found Valencia a bit of a curate’s egg (good in parts).

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    1. We will try to avoid the busy traffic and enjoy the old and the new architecture.


    2. We have just posted some photos of Valencia. It was crowded, luckely we found some quiet spots.


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