Oban will knock those socks off

Oban, where? Aren’t those the funky socks we wore in the 80’s and super popular with golfers. This under-rated, under-stated region of Scotland will knock those socks off. I kept waiting for tons and tons of visitors to pop in but this area was filled with locals and a few whisky enthusiasts and of course a few Jamie and Claire fanatics. It’s Scotland…after all.

The natural beauty and splendor of Oban will entice you to visit, but it will be the people, the food and the water that will keep you coming back.

Source: A weekend in Argyll and Oban ~ SCOTLAND – Travel with Wendy

Campervanfans - United Kingdom - Scotland - Oban
Oban, Scotland, United Kingdom (Photo: Tuomo Lindfors)

4 thoughts on “Oban will knock those socks off

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my article, I really appreciate the share and I mean it, Oban is a keeper, so much natural beauty and splendor to experience. You may want to share this destination with friends and family BUT you might also be tempted to just keep it to yourself. ENJOY and happy travels.

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    1. We love those little quaint villages (the quieter the better). Luckily there are many of them in Europe. Some we share and some we keep to ourselves. 🙂 Thank you for your reply and for following us.

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  2. We have gone RVing in the US a couple of times in our barely used 38 ft fifth wheel, so, we’re of course very new at this. We are now living in Stuttgart, Germany and will be for the next 18 months, that is why hearing tips and experiences from others will help us get the courage to rent a camper and travel here. Thanks to Travel with Wendy for sharing!

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  3. I am always looking for fun new places to visit, thanks@

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