Let’s keep Liberec a secret

You may have never heard of the city of Liberec. With a population of 103,853, it is the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic. Boarding southern eastern Germany, Liberec is a tranquil place, with warm and welcoming people, and you get to experience a taste of the original Czech Republic; without a huge mass of tourists.

The highlight of this city has to be its Town Hall. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance building stands tall over its plaza, illuminating the entire city. You can see some spectacular views of Liberec from the top of Town Hall for a small fare and at an allotted time.

Liberec should definitely be explored while it still remains a hidden gem.

Source: Exploring the under appreciated city of Liberec, Czech Republic – Maria Hanako van Straaten

Campervanfans - Czech Republic - Liberec
Liberec, Czech Republic (Photo: VitVit)

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