Will Blokhus let you in on a secret?

We continued northwards and ended in the tiny town of Hune, near Blokhus and a beautiful beach. Although Blokhus itself made us think there was a secret we weren’t being let into! It had a tinge of a well known Lincolnshire seaside resort about it.

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Header photo by: Dennis Silva (Flickr)

4 seasons in 1 day in Gásadalur

Gásadalur is a tiny village located in the Mykines Island in the Faroe archipelago. Situated at the edge of a tall cliff and surrounded by top peaks of Mykines islands Gásadalur is definitely one of the beautiful villages on Earth. Because of remoteness, this village only has a population of 18.

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Header photo by: Vicki Mar

Jutland, land of enchanted light

Huge sand dunes whipped up by vicious North Sea winds are threatening to swallow it completely, and the coastline that it stands proudly upon is being eroded alarmingly quickly. Buried by sand or collapsing into the sea?

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Header photo by: De-okin/Wikimedia Commons

Denmark – The white cliffs of Møn

We’ve started our visit of this island in Stege. Camper Coby found herself a central spot almost in the middle of the town’s center which is really nice.

One of the highlights of Møn is Mont Klif. The visit is only DK 35 but your energy will cost you more… This is the largest staircase of Denmark and you will definitely feel this in your legs the next day. But it was all worth it! A beautiful cliff surrounded by nature, birds and clear blue water.

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