An Exciting and Memorable Road Trip around Switzerland

When you are roaming around in the Swiss Alps, you are bound to see breathtaking scenery throughout, but Lauterbrunnen valley amazes everyone who visits it. On both sides of this expansive valley are spectacular cliffs climbing up to 300 meters till they meet the woody slopes.

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Update: This place was like a breath of fresh air. Simply stunning surroundings (72 waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen alone) but pretty expensive to buy food! I have to say it would be a tie with Paris on my favourite destination! Would definitely come back time and time again! There is just so much to see and do! Save your pennies for this place.

Highlights: Stayed at camping Jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen. Most affordable place and best campsite with amazing home cooked meals!

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Most scenic Autumn road trip – Black Forest

Going to Black Forest (Schwarzwald) means not to stay at one place but lots of drive. Drive through picturesque serpentines of mountain roads of German Alps, pass romantic castles touching the sky and admire spectacular views!

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Road trip with a vintage VW camper through Provence

Who hasn’t been dreaming of going on a road trip with a vintage VW “Bulli”? Well good news for you, because your dreams are about to get real with 69campers in France!

We decided to take pretty turquoise Amélie for a ride and will now tell you about the most fantastic road trip experience we had in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.


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Van life begins…hello Jemima

Let me introduce you to Jemima. Jemima is a Toyata Hiace with a fold down bed, seating area, stove, sink, fridge: simple and compact. She has lots of nifty compartments for storage and a pull down bed in the roof that you can use to tidy away bedding to make the “sitting room”. She is a self-contained camper meaning we can park up in any campsite or Government run “freedom site”.

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How to Survive Iceland’s Ring Road in a Camper Van

Iceland’s Ring Road, a.k.a. Route 1, circles the entire island and will show you the best of Iceland. Spanning 800 miles, this route is one of Europe’s top spots for road trips, and most people choose to explore via camper van.

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Schweden Roadtrip im Campervan

Eine wirklich Vorstellung von Schweden hatte ich nicht. Ideale Vorraussetzungen ein Land komplett neu und ohne Erwartungshaltung für sich zu entdecken. Es sollte nicht nur mein erstes Mal Schweden werden, sondern auch meine allererste Reise mit einem Campervan sein.

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Madeira Road Trip – Explore Madeira Island in a Luxurious Camping Van

Madeira Road Trip offers you the possibility to experience Madeira Island at your own pace, aboard a luxurious, last generation VW CALIFORNIA T6 Van.
With your own house on wheels, you choose the trails you wish to explore and where you want to fall asleep and wake up.
From the mountains to the sea, the choices are immense and the landscapes: breathtaking.

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Wales Road Trip Inspiration

Holidays in Wales are becoming increasingly popular, but don’t just take our word for it- Lonely Planet has also named North Wales as one of the top regions to visit in 2017. With mountains, lakes, coasts and castles it’s not hard to see why, and campervan hire is one of the best ways to see it all!

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Vanlife in Croatia – Exploring Istria

When doing our research on Vanlife in Croatia before setting off, we heard mixed things. Everyone will tell you, correctly, that wild camping is illegal in Croatia but so far, two weeks in, we have had no trouble whatsoever.

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